Winter is officially here and the fireplace is warming the place up beautifully. The days up on the plateau have been simply stunning with clear views all the way to the coast! You might even spot a cargo ship out at sea!

The days have generally been fairly warm but we recommend packing layers for your visit to Dorrigo. While the days are quite nice, the temperature can drop suddenly once the sun starts to set or is hidden behind the clouds.

We are due for a little bit of rain this week but don’t let that deter you from you visiting. We have a temporary waterfall in the mountain range off in the distance that makes an appearance after each downpour, which is lovely to see!

Winter is a quiet time in Dorrigo event wise. You can still visit the Dorrigo Community Markets which are held the first Saturday of each month. Catch them again July 6th and August 3rd. If you don’t have far to travel, then it would be worth stocking up on some of our locally grown produce to take home. You’ll also be able to grab a bite to eat and check out the homemade arts and crafts while you’re there.

If you’re an avid gardener, be sure to check out our own vegetable garden while here. We use lots of our produce in our meals here at our onsite Waterfall Way Café. At this time of year, you’ll find citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, onions, root vegetables and cruciferous vegetables all in season. We’re putting our veggies and herbs to good use in our hearty, warming Winter dishes and roasts!

Next month we will be holding our very first Christmas in Winter events. It’s as close as we’ll get to a White Christmas living in the Southern Hemisphere but it’s guaranteed to be a fun evening as you enjoy good old fashioned country hospitality, good food and a glass of fine wine in front of our beautiful stone fireplace. Group bookings are more than welcome. We’ll also have live entertainment and a visit from Santa himself!

If you’re craving a romantic escape, we have a wonderful Winter Escape Deal that’s perfect for couples! The deal includes 2 nights accommodation with a meal voucher and FREE bottle of wine thrown in for good measure. We can organise a packed lunch for you both if you’d like to have a picnic together in the beautiful Dorrigo National Park.

Activity wise, you can still enjoy the walks and hikes in the Dorrigo rainforest during Winter. Again, we recommend you pack layers. Some parts of the rainforest can be quite cool when you’re out of the sun but if you’re doing a brisk walk, you’ll get warmed up quite quickly and probably find yourself stripping off! Take a backpack with you. The waterfalls are still flowing and spectacular to look at anytime of year.

If you’re a fan of Winter, you will truly love Lookout Mountain Retreat up on the Dorrigo plateau. Our rooms are all equipped with split cycle air conditioning to keep you warm. There’s a seat in front of the fireplace with your name on it! What are you waiting for? Come enjoy Dorrigo in Winter, you won’t be disappointed.