If you’re planning a seated or plated reception, you want your table chart to be two things: easy to read and appealing. The main objective of these charts is to allow your guests to locate their name and seat with little to no effort. While a table chart makes practical sense, you can be as innovative and creative as you like with it and select a chart that aligns perfectly with your theme! Whether you’re opting for a bohemian wedding or more modern theme, there are plenty of ideas you can explore.

For a Scandinavian type wedding, wooden materials such as timber can create an incredibly theme appropriate and visually stunning seating chart. For a rustic outdoors wedding, a timber panel is the ideal way to display your guest’s seats as it beautifully ties in with that natural and relaxed vibe. Because the chart is one of the first things your guests will see upon arriving at the reception, it should be a unique reflection of the couple.

Acrylic glass decorated with foliage is both luxurious and minimalistic. Your guests will certainly be wowed by this idea! Consider propping the glass up on a metal iron or wooden easel and intertwining green foliage behind and around it. This idea is perfect for a luxe, rustic wedding.

For the abstract types, a hanging installation can be an incredibly flattering and fascinating way to display the seating for your reception. Seamlessly fitting in with an industrial wedding theme, this idea can be complimented by beautiful flowers and foliage for that extra spark. Low-hanging lights can also compliment hanging installations, and remember, you can get as a creative as you like with the shape of these seating charts!

Chalkboards are definitely an alluring and artistic idea for a seating chart. They are a great idea for a wedding nestled within a garden or even a winery! Both landscape and portrait boards look even more stunning if they’re surrounded by Australian native flowers or any flower of your choice!

Household items such as picture frames and mirrors can also make a lovely seating chart! (talk about thrifty?!). You can either use a print out or foam to display your guest’s names within a photo frame. Whilst a foam frame is a little more complex to create, they are perfect if you’re a fan of smaller details. Mirror seating charts are extremely elegant and abstract. Use paint textas or white marker to write on the mirror – it’s simple yet beautiful!

For the crafty type, stationary seating charts are a great way to keep things romantic and elegant. Consider using a picture frame hoisted on an easel and using small craft pegs to hang the table numbers from some twine. Decorate the frame with some green foliage, and voila! You’ve created a masterpiece.

Whatever style table chart you decide to go with, there are no limits to your imagination! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today if you’d like to discuss packages, venues and themes for your big day.

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