When you think of Spring, the first thing that comes to mind is growth, colour, excitement and warmth, right?  The good thing is that your wedding can replicate exactly this. Springtime is undoubtedly the most perfect time of year to tie the knot. Not only is it when everything starts to bloom and blossom, but the temperature is prime and the Springtime vibe lends itself to a day spent kick-starting the rest of your life. It’s the time of year to put all of your most colourful and adventurous ideas to the test! We’re talking colourful suits, printed ties for the groomsmen, flower crowns and bouquets exploding with colour – all that jazz! For most, the Springtime correlates with being laid back and relaxed, which can often translate into simple and barefoot. Weddings don’t have to be as stressful or chaotic as we often assume them to be. Here are our top 10 ideas intended to make your Spring Wedding a truly memorable one!

1. Bursting with Colour

If Springtime can bloom, so can you on your special day! Everybody can feel the Springtime vibe starting to replace that cold, winter one. Spring is emblematic of a time of change and warmth. There’s a light, colourful and happy feel attached to this season and it’s safe to say that there is pretty much nothing to dislike! It’s the perfect time to lean into your favourite pastel palette and experiment with pinks, soft greens, blues, apricots, yellows, whites and lilacs (just to name a few). Think Australian natives, tulips, peonies and sunflowers ensuring that monochromatic vibe on your special day. Get adventurous with your wedding attire!

2. Relaxed & Rustic

Always dreamt of channelling your inner bohemian goddess and indulging in all things natural, floral, rustic and barefoot? Now’s your chance! The warmth of Springtime lends itself to a day spent outdoors embracing the enchantment of the season. Think a picturesque garden and picnics partnered with warm pastries, fresh fruit, chocolate delicacies, bohemian rugs, woven baskets and lush green grass. Sounds pretty ideal, doesn’t it?

3. Bring Your Fluffy Friends

What’s a special day without your special little pals? Providing the weather behaves (and your pets do too), our furry friends can actually take the vibe from happy to amazing! This is usually the way on a normal day too. Whether it be puppies, bunnies, cats or lambs, pets will keep your guests smiling and the atmosphere light.

4. Springtime Country Vibes

Think spacious barns, Australian native bouquets, light timber flooring, outdoor swings (perfect for that couple shot) and fresh country air. Accompany that with an acoustic musical duo, sprinkles of fairy lights, food trucks, cocktails and the love of your life. An alternative to the barn setting is a giant white marquee with a clear roof to see the stars. A setting like this will ensure that warm, springtime breeze to circulate through your ceremony and keep you comfortable!

5. Staple Centrepieces & Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are extremely Spring appropriate! You can be as creative with the flavours and fillings as you like – buttercreams, mascarpone cream, cream cheese frostings, white chocolate, the list goes on! Decorate your cake with fresh flowers like peonies, baby’s breath or roses and watch those springtime flavours come to life.

6. Flowers From The Windows to the Walls

No matter which style of wedding you opt for, flowers are a must. In fact, it would be very difficult to actually go overboard with your floral decorations! Whether they’re nesting within woven baskets, hanging from the ceiling or tucked into the bridal parties’ hair, they always serve to create an even more beautiful atmosphere.

7. It’s The Small Details

The smaller details can make the biggest difference, and these details can come to fruition long before your actual wedding does! Start with the ‘save the date’ or invitations. Think minimal yet attractive, and eye catching yet subtle and consider the environment too – would an e-invite work just as well?. Even when considering thank you cards post wedding, maybe look at a plantable ‘seeded’ thank you card option. Whereby the guest can pop the card into soil and have it grow a beautiful herb or flower. How nice would that be?

8. Edible Details & Seasonal Menus

To ensure you satisfy all your hungry guests, why not include some edible floral details on your cake and delicacies? Add some edible fondant petals to your wedding cake or a cocktail for that extra touch. With the season of spring comes those delicious and nutritious seasonal foods! Include some lighter, fresh flavours to really bring that springtime flavour to life in your wedding menu. All of this can be beautifully complimented by some freshly squeezed lemonade or DIY mimosas!

9. Paper Decor (Flowers, Buntings, Lanterns)

We all know how expensive weddings can become after attending to all the tiny details… so, if you’d rather save some money and still create your dream wedding or you’re more environmentally conscious, paper decorations can look just as stunning! This idea allows you to get as creative (and unique) as you like! You could assemble pastel coloured pinwheels, baby pink pom pom garlands or place tissue paper flower table runners on the groom and bride table! Best part is, it’s completely recyclable.

10. Fruity & Fresh Cocktails (or Decorative Bar!)

Celebrate spring with some signature cocktails that beautifully reflect the beauty of the season! Nothing tastes like springtime like some sweet liqueurs and champagne garnished with edible flowers or some liquor infused perennial herbs! Rosemary, ginger, rosewater and lavender all serve to accentuate those springtime flavours and above all, they are so delicious! 

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