Having a big wedding might be the dream for many brides, but not everyone is so keen on the idea, especially in the current Covid restricted environment. It’s been a growing trend even pre-Covid times that more couples are opting for a smaller sized wedding specifically, so they can spend more time with their guests while also creating a more casual, relaxed vibe.

Planning your own small wedding? We share our six top tips on hosting a small wedding.


If you’ve decided on a small wedding, the first thing to do is determining who’s invited and who’s not! Besides family, it might help you decide the guest list by going through your messages and seeing who you’ve spoken with over the past three months. Chances are these are the people who really matter. It might be worth asking yourself ‘would I take this person out to dinner and spend hundreds of dollars on them?’. If yes, then put them on the list!


One of the perks of hosting a smaller wedding is you have more choice when it comes to venues. Most restaurants and cafes are more than equipped to host a small group of people and are likely to provide much better value and flexibility than a bigger venue can. Alternatively, a smaller wedding might give you the perfect opportunity to look at a destination wedding. A location like Lookout Mountain Retreat offers beautiful, intimate spaces to say ‘I do’ plus accommodation for you and all your guests. Why not stay for a few nights and explore the local area as a group while here!


While a smaller wedding does create a more relaxed vibe, we would still recommend having a timeline for your wedding. You don’t have to aim for a minute by minute breakdown but knowing how the event will unfold will help keep everyone on the same page and ensure the service at your wedding is next level. With the money saved on reducing guest numbers, you may wish to hire a wedding planner to do all the organisation for you instead.


Having a smaller wedding means you’ll likely have more money to splurge on the things that really matter to you and your partner. Have a think about what is important on your wedding day and what you can skip. This could save you a tonne of money but it also helps create a wedding that captures your unique values and personalities.


With fewer people attending, it’s much easier to make your wedding fun and interactive. Instead of traditional speeches, why not have an open mic available to anyone who would like to say a few words? If the weather is cooler, why not have a fire pit and sit around sharing stories about the happy couple? Or set up some fun backyard games to bring everyone together. Even investing in more lavish entertainment or experiences for guests such as a cocktail bar, degustation menu or spreading the wedding over a weekend rather than one day and hosting a number of different celebrations and activities with guests. The options are endless to make your wedding truly memorable when you have a smaller crowd attending.


Comparison is the thief of joy. Just because your friend had a big, lavish wedding doesn’t mean you need to. Run your own race. This is your wedding, your budget, your values, your personalities and your love story. The only person’s opinion that matters on your wedding day is the person you’re saying ‘I do’ to!

Whatever your reasons for choosing a small wedding, rest assured your day will be just as magical. A memorable wedding isn’t based on who had a bigger guest list and who spent more. Love is in the details and quite often a smaller wedding helps capture the essence of you both much better than a larger scaled wedding can.

Planning a wedding? Talk to us today about hosting your own intimate wedding here at Lookout Mountain Retreat. Download our wedding guide here.