You’ve finalised all the last details from your wedding playlist to the food, but now it’s time to think of that perfect wedding favour for your guests. Our nearest and dearest (AKA our guests) are one of the most important parts of our wedding day. Without their company, it simply wouldn’t be as special. There are loads of different memorabilia items you can choose to gift to your guests, and you can be as creative and profound as you wish. Here are just a few more modern twists on the tradition.

Edible Treats

It is no lie that food is the way to almost everybody’s heart, and that is why edible treats can make the perfect bomboniere for your guests! Create or order some personalised heart cookies, cupcakes or any sweet of your choosing for that unique touch. Small details such as the date of your wedding can be iced onto the treats. You can even match the frosting to match your wedding theme! Small pieces of candy with heartfelt messages on them such as ‘thank you for coming!’ or even just the initials of the newlyweds can also be a lovely idea!

Polaroid Memories

Prepare yourself for that post-wedding nostalgia with disposable cameras and Polaroids! These cameras can be placed in the centre of each table allowing your guests to snap their own photos of the night! Consider creating a wall where guests can peg their Polaroids and display them for the night.

Eco Friendliness

If it’s your style, why not get creative with an eco-friendly bomboniere?  Small, potted succulents or even organic seeds and teas are the perfect way to give something natural yet unique to your guests! Gifts like these can tie particularly well in with garden, winery or any outdoor wedding settings!

Personalised Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love a personalised, handmade luxury such as your very own scented candle? There are a lot of small businesses that can assist you with personalising these with not only your own special scent mix but with things such as the newlyweds’ names, the date of the wedding or even a fun fact about the bride or groom!

Takeaway Place Cards

Acrylic personalised place cards act as the perfect wedding favour as they look stunning and guests can take them home at the end of the night as a piece of memorabilia! You can use materials such as aluminium, glass, timber, fabric or even create something such as a ceramic napkin ring to really leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Token Aussie Gifts

Finally, personalised stubby holders and shot glasses are wedding favours you know will be appreciated and used! These practical and simple gifts can be personalised however you please. You can include a short sentimental message or even just have the guest’s name. Either way, this is definitely a gift of practicality, convenience and adoration!

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