Perhaps one of the most beautiful aspects of Dorrigo is its sweeping hills and valleys, and the stunning natural wonders sprinkled across the spacious land. The area of Dorrigo is an ideal place for everyone particularly families as it offers stunning views for the adults and endless amounts of space for the kids to explore. The best part? Most of these fun family activities won’t cost you a cent.


Dorrigo maintains a magical feel all year round so feel free to visit us outside of Summer too. No matter the season, the Dorrigo Hinterland is always a lovely topic of conversation and an even better place to go exploring nature with the fam. If you and your family are looking for an affordable yet breathtaking place to stay, Lookout Mountain Retreat has a Family Suite that would be ideal for you. Equipped with a lounge suite, TV, free wifi, small kitchenette, reverse cycle air conditioning, parking directly outside and enough beds for you all. Whilst it does have pretty much everything you may need if you were to stay indoors, we know kids will love the sweeping hills and rolling grass plains that lay just outside your room. Ideal for letting the kids run around and burn off that extra energy before bed.

On Day 1 of your itinerary, pack water, snacks and anything else you may need to keep the kids busy on the car ride and get ready for a day nestled within the Dorrigo Hinterland. The Dorrigo National Park is a fun and educational experience for kids and adults alike. Before embarking on the stunning nature walk, ponder around the interactive Rainforest Centre and watch as the kids immerse themselves in all things rainforest and wildlife. The round trip of Crystal Falls is ideal for a family hike with kids aged 6 upwards and takes around 2 hours in total to complete. It is an ideal length to keep the kids interested (with the stunning Crystal Showers Waterfall as your reward) yet will tire them out for a good night’s sleep later!

After exploring the national park, you’ll probably be pretty peckish and ready for a hearty lunch. Take a load off at the National Park’s Canopy Café and peruse the stunning flora and fauna surrounding the area. Or, with a packed picnic in tow, take a short 2-minute drive to the Glade Picnic Area to have lunch. Following lunch, explore the stunning surrounds of the area and visit some not-to-miss lookouts like Griffiths Lookout and Dangar Falls. Be sure to pack your swimmers if visiting in the warmer months as Dangar Falls makes a great spot to swim and cool off!

If you’re visiting around October, another potential activity suitable for kids of all ages is the Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival! This 3 day festival is jam packed with unbelievable music talent, creative artists and kid’s workshops. Be warned. Accommodation around this time fills fast as this festival is a popular Dorrigo event so book early to avoid disappointment.


There’s no denying that Dorrigo National Park is the perfect spot for nature lovers and is an ideal location to spot all (or at least some) of the 150 species of birds residing in the area. The first spot to visit is the Skywalk, which is accessible from the visitor centre at the National Park. Keep an eye out for the circling Grey Goshawk, or if you’re fortunate enough, you may even catch a glimpse of the Topknot pigeons bustling amongst the treetops. Another family friendly walk is the elevated Walk with the Birds boardwalk. This stroll begins at the Glade picnic area and guides you above the forest floor just above the canopy. The kids will be extremely excited when they catch sight of the colourful Paradise Riflebird or the growing family of Brushturkeys scurrying through the canopy floor. Whilst you’re keeping an eye out, be sure to keep an ear out for the extremely vocal Australian Logrunner and the famous Lyrebirds!

Enjoy a well-earned lunch back at the Glade picnic area before embarking on the Satinbird Stroll for the afternoon. Again, this stroll begins at the Glade picnic area before taking you into a particular part of the forest that is celebrated for its extensive selection of plant life. The kids will be amazed at the various mosses, ferns and fascinating fungi that call this rainforest home.


For a small, historical town, Dorrigo certainly has plenty of things to do to keep you all busy! For a more relaxed day, why not take the kids for a steady and scenic bike ride throughout the town? Enjoy the fresh air, peruse the historical architecture and stunning farm side views and meet some new farm friends along the way. For a little end-of-the-day treat, take the kids to Dorrigo’s speciality Sweet Shop located on Hickory Street. This traditional little candy hub offers lollies and sweets of all sorts, and will certainly paint a big smile on the kids’ faces!

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