There’s no better way to cool off in the Summertime than a dip in one of Dorrigo’s beautiful waterholes scattered through the hinterland. There’s something magical about these crystal-like freshwater holes and you’ll not only cool down but you’ll feel noticeably more relaxed after a soak in these pure water holes. Here’s our top four swimming spots to check out during your Summertime visit to Dorrigo.  


Accessible via Coramba road and only a quick eight minute drive away is the incredible Dangar Falls. Dangar Falls is a volcanic crater with a tube that plunges into unforeseeable depth, creating a large water hole. Fun fact: these falls actually have two water holes! One down the bottom that is easily accessible through a long flight of stairs and another up the top. There is a picnic area and playground up the top of Dangar Falls meaning you can easily spend a good chunk of your day swimming, eating and exploring!


Make tracks to Red Cedar Falls and you’ll discover a stunning swimming hole at Coachwood Falls close by. Part of the Never Never area of the Dorrigo National Park, this particular spot is a photographer and nature lover’s dream. The trek itself is an adventure but we promise it is worth it! The swimming hole here is crystal clear and deep enough to swim in. Located deep in the rainforest along the Rosewood River, you’ll likely never want to leave.


If you’re willing to go for a bit of a drive, Scouts Falls swimming holes is a must do if you’re searching for fresh waterholes. Located in Middle Creek, these falls are hidden within an unbelievably picturesque location in Sherwood Nature Reserve. Take your pick between a smaller plunge pool with a trickling cascade or venture deeper into the reserve to find a deeper pool directly underneath the falls. After a dip in these parts, you’re sure to be feeling refreshed and super relaxed. 


Within Glennifer nature reserve and the Tuckers Knob state forest, you’ll stumble across a series of magical swimming holes called ‘The Promised Lands’, which is just as enchanting as it sounds! There are two options to get here via Lookout Mountain Retreat, so be sure to check out Google maps to guide you. There are many little spots to park and go for a dip with one area having a Tarzan type vibe with rope swings, tall moss covered trees, and rainforest wherever you turn! This off-the-beaten-track swimming hole is glorified by locals and visitors alike, just be sure to get in early in the summertime! Spots don’t last very long in a glorious place like this.

It’s worth remembering that if you’re heading off on any trek in the Dorrigo National Park, it’s a good idea to let the team here at Lookout Mountain Retreat know or you can fill out an online intention form of your hike as mobile reception will be poor. Don’t forget to take plenty of drinking water when hiking, particularly in the warmer weather.