It is no secret that the Dorrigo hinterland is quite the photogenic area, however, there are a handful of spots in particular that make the perfect backdrop for photos and the perfect subject! One of the most admirable things about Dorrigo is the beautiful location which allows for a combination of diverse scenery. Prepare your SD cards (or your Instagram feeds) to be filled with gorgeous sights of sweeping valleys, mountainous ranges, breathtaking waterfalls and stunning nature.

Interesting Spots

Whether it be the clearest of days or a cloudy day, Dorrigo consistently offers dreamlike views and a delightful atmosphere. The historical little town of Dorrigo can be a beautiful area to capture in itself, however the surrounding areas lend themselves to a perfect photograph. Stretching 185km inland from the coast, Waterfall Way is home to some of Australia’s most remarkable waterfalls and national parks. Newell Falls and Sherrard Falls can be viewed from the roadside along the Dorrigo mountain, however by pulling over onto one of the shoulders, you can properly photograph the falls in all their glory.  Spots such as Red Cedar Falls, Dangar Falls, Bangalore Falls and Ebor Falls are all surrounded and accessible by breathtaking hiking trails that can be as challenging or relaxing as you’d like them to be! Interestingly, Ebor Falls was given the name ‘great falls’ by the Gumbaynggirr people because of it’s photogenic nature! Visit any (or all) of these falls and capture their magic from an up close and personal perspective!

If you’d rather view the falls from above, there are a variety of viewpoints that will allow you to capture just that. Dangar Falls from above is one of the most unique photographs you could take, and this is achievable if you visit the platform lookout beside the picnic area. From here, you will be able to capture the falls and the plunge pool below and get an impressive view of the agricultural and dairy farmland surrounding the falls. It truly is an all-encompassing photography experience!

Dorrigo is riddled with impressive lookouts showcasing the naturally rich landscapes of the hinterland. Accessible via Waterfall Way and located just 2km from Lookout Mountain Retreat, Griffith Lookout provides a stunning view and backdrop for photos. It spectacularly presents the wilderness of the Great Dividing Range, the Pacific Ocean in the east and the surrounding vast farmlands. Whether you’d like to capture grazing cattle, diverse birdlife, oceanic views or mountainous valleys, this lookout is sure to tick your boxes!

A few areas of interest include the Skywalk located at Dorrigo National Park, Point Lookout and Cathedral Rock located in Guy Fawkes River National Park. Skywalk Lookout offers views of deep mountain ranges, a birdseye perspective of Dorrigo National Park and even the Pacific Ocean! One of the most photogenic and magical spots within the National Park is Crystal Shower Falls. Whether you’re viewing these falls from the roped bridge parallel to the falls or from underneath, the photos are guaranteed to be magnificent.  

Some Tips

If you’re looking to photograph the many landscapes of Dorrigo, be sure to wear resilient hiking boots and protective clothing as some of the best spots are only accessible via walking tracks. Be sure to take an extra SD card and a lot of water to ensure you can get the most out of your photography expedition! All of the above sites are quite stunning at night, and there are several campgrounds you can stay at to capture the magnificence of these areas from dusk to dawn.

The best part of photographing Dorrigo is there are no bad shots! There’s beautiful shots to be had at any time of day. Wake up early for a sunrise popping up from the coastline or go out in the afternoon and capture one of our stunning sunsets. You can’t go wrong!