Do you want your guests to say, ‘wow, they’ve thought of it all!’ at your wedding? Well, here are some of our top tips to achieve exactly that.


It is often the smaller details of a wedding that are the most memorable. Consider incorporating takeaway items for the guests such as personalised wooden name cards or hand-painted tiles with the guests names. If you’re leaning towards a wedding in the countryside, a monochromatic centrepiece complimented by linen and glassware can really leave a lasting impression on your guests. The food isn’t the only thing that can create a WOW factor, you can get as creative as you like with the table setting too!


An outdoor kid’s corner or entertainment area is a great idea for just about everybody and you’ll have some grateful parents when adding one to your big day. Depending on the weather, an outdoor kids area will enable your parental friends to rest easy knowing their children are preoccupied! As for the kids, they will be kept busy playing and making new friends while still feeling like they’re part of the celebration too. Heads up, your kids area might be so fun even the adults want in!


Great entertainment is a very necessary ingredient for a memorable wedding. Whether it be low key like an acoustic guitarist or fireworks, keeping your guests entertained and happy is always at the forefront of our minds. Consider hiring a photo booth equipped with an array of fun masks and props or organise something as simple as a juke box for guests to pick their favourite songs! Talk to us about the local entertainment providers to consider for your Dorrigo wedding.


Food is the way to most people’s hearts so why not WOW your guests with an unforgettably divine dessert spread? Create a delicious mixture of sweets and watch the eyes of your guests light up!


Planning a country themed wedding? Then having a small petting zoo could be the perfect addition to your big day here in Dorrigo! Let us investigate about making the neighbouring horses, cows and sheep part of your special day.


The best part about floral ceiling installation is that they are only limited by your imagination. In other words, you can be as creative, complex or simple as you please! Consider an elegant floral combination of pastel pinks, purples, blues, peaches and whites suspended above the bridal table! Or a stretch of Australian natives above the dance floor. Whether you opt for a halo or rectangular design, a floral ceiling installation will be the first thing that catches the eye of your guests (well, maybe after the dessert table!).

If you’re looking for a wedding venue with WOW factor, come take a look at Lookout Mountain Retreat in Dorrigo, NSW. We’ve got the perfect backdrop for a truly breathtaking and memorable wedding day. Download our wedding guide here.